2012 Active-8 Campaign

What is a pledge?

With only one week left in the campaign, we expect to receive an increase in pledges as our team puts on the final push to inspire you to TAKE ACTION! Therefore, the Active-8 team wants to remind everyone what counts as a pledge.

We’ve received many ‘pledges’ that say, “I support you”, “you rock!”, or something else to that effect. Unfortunately, a pledge only counts if it is a commitment to take action to create positive change. If you need some help, check out our Actions for You page – where you’ll find many examples of things anyone can do to improve the quality of life for all people, everywhere. You can use one of those directly, or perhaps they will inspire you to think of something more relevant to YOU and the issues you care about.

The Youth Ambassadors love hearing your support and kind words which is why we’ve created the message board: we’d love to see your declarations of support there!

We also want to remind everyone that we retain the right to reject pledges that are offensive, harmful or not in the spirit of the campaign. If you make a pledge and don’t see it on the site within 2 business days, feel free to contact us at admin@acic-caci.org to ask why. Make sure to include “Active-8 Campaign Pledge” in your subject line, and the pledge you made in the body of your email. We’ll respond with our feedback as soon as we can!

Best of luck to all our Youth Ambassadors!

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