Elena Fenrick

Portugal Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador

Originally from Saskatchewan, Elena Fenrick now calls Portugal Cove, Newfoundland home. Currently pursuing an Arts degree in Political Science and Religious Studies from Memorial University, Elena finds inspiration in the potential for new and creative solutions to existing problems.

In 2007, Elena had the opportunity to travel to Morocco for three months as an international volunteer with Cross Cultural Solutions. While there, she worked at a children’s hospital, a school for underprivileged children and with local university students. Upon her return to Canada, Elena began to share her overseas experiences with students at local high schools and with community groups. In giving presentations on her experiences, she quickly realized that her story would be better told through images so she decided to raise funds and return to Morocco to create a documentary. In 2010 Elena did just that: “Two Coasts, One Ocean”, a documentary she filmed and edited herself, was born.

Her film focuses on volunteers experiencing Morocco for the first time and how people can participate in development initiatives. In part, it’s a collection of interviews, interspersed with the scenic beauty and cultural traditions of the North-African country. The second part, filmed in St. John’s, includes interviews with Global Citizenship Initiative members, a political science professor, and international students from Memorial University, all of whom share their ideas about how to become involved in international projects, on a local scale. With the help of Cross Cultural Solutions volunteers, Elena hopes to present the documentary around North America, Great Britain and Australia.

“I think the documentary will inspire others to take action because it’s a visual representation of life at home and abroad. It shows a variety of individuals from various age groups, cultures and career backgrounds that viewers will be able to relate to and, hopefully, be inspired by – much like I was,” says Elena.

Since the filming Elena has become heavily involved with English as a Second Language (ESL) education programs, Rotaract Club, and the Global Citizenship Initiative (GCI).

Her vision of the future is “… one in which people embrace the positive potential of globalization, and reject the ways in which it can cause harm.”