Jordan MacPhee

Charlottetown, PE

Hailing from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Jordan MacPhee is wise beyond his years. As a full time Bachelor of Sociology and Environmental Studies student at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), Jordan refuses to be silent. An active member with Oxfam Canada and, Jordan’s passion is helping others.

“[Helping others] was what was missing from my life for far too long as I grew up.  Now that I’ve discovered this source of fulfillment, I think it’ll be next to impossible to give up finding some way to connect with people in hopes that we can make a good thing happen for somebody else.” Jordan is inspired by the way people will step up to make a difference in other peoples lives when they understand the challenges faced and they are given an opportunity to participate in making change.

An active member of UPEI’s environmental society, Jordan has helped organize several events for Oxfam and because to him they “represent the people who are most effectively and directly tackling this world’s biggest problems; poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation.” Previously, Jordan has helped organize concert fundraisers for Oxfam, with performances by his own band, the most recent of which raised over $550 in one night, and at an event in September of 2011, he played for 24 hours straight! Jordan uses these events to engage members of his community with issues that are important to him.  He sees them as opportunities he might not have otherwise to share his opinions and values, with a hope that this will inspire their participation in making change.

When asked how he inspires others to take action, Jordan says “I don’t know for a fact that I inspire others, but at the events I organize and attend, I always hear comments about how good it feels to come together for something bigger than the self. I think this sense of belonging is what drives all positive social action, and by providing that to others and feeding off the energy of that social engagement myself, I’m connecting with a part of myself that is truly fundamental in obtaining satisfaction and fulfillment in my life.”

Jordan says he wants to live in a world where “those who have the knowledge and the power to accomplish significant positive change in the world use their knowledge and power wisely, where those who feel left behind are empowered and enabled to stop being part of the problem, and start being part of the solution.”