Paul Manning

Bible Hill, NS

Paul Manning dreams of “a sustainable, fair and productive global agricultural system” and he’s well on his way helping make this dream a reality. Currently a 3rd year Bachelor of Science student at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC) in Bible Hill, NS, Paul is majoring in Environmental Science while also completing a special certificate in Organic Agriculture. Upon graduation he aspires to get a PhD in the study of insects or the role of agriculture in the world, doing research on beneficial insects in an agricultural landscape.

But his focus isn’t just on books and bugs (or on books about bugs!): he’s also an avid promoter of involvement in international development. Paul credits his drive and interest in international development work, especially sustainable agriculture, to his experience in Ethiopia. In the summer of 2010, Paul travelled there for an international development project with NSAC where he worked to increase the quantity of food available for consumption. A quick look at his blog will tell you a few things: first of all, he had a life-changing experience. But furthermore, Paul is not only a wonderful photographer who is curious about and attentive to the natural world around him: he is also a dynamic, warm hearted young man to whom personal relationships and connections are important. Since returning to Canada, Paul has done many public engagement activities and keeps eagerly offering to do more.

“I inspire others to take action by continuing to share my experiences abroad. I believe that the most effective way to encourage others to understand how educating, rewarding and exciting international development can be is to talk with people one-on-one”.

It is quite likely that this combination of a warm heart, dynamic personality and ability to engage people one-on-one is why Paul was elected President of his Student Union at the NSAC. Described as “eager to help”, Paul is often found volunteering his time with the Students’ Union. It’s certain that in this position of leadership, Paul serves as a role model to his peers as an active global citizen, dedicated to positive change. Paul Manning wants to live in a world where “agriculture works harmoniously with the earth to keep the global population healthy and happy”. He says “Seeing the ingenuity and creativity of agricultural systems throughout the world gives me hope, that the world will someday be tied more closely together through the common theme of food production.”